About Us


Iron City Swing member Aaron.


Aaron Jones began competing in online hip-hop competitions in 2007. This led to a desire to dabble in many new dances for years to follow including Capoeira, Breakdance, and Ballroom. In 2009, he began his journey with Lindy Hop after joining his university’s swing club. Now Aaron travels to events throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to learn and compete in this style, as well as in Blues dancing and West Coast Swing. He also teaches with Gas House Swing in Allentown, PA. Aaron loves encouraging his students to listen to the music, their partner, and their own bodies to make every dance special.  


Iron City Swing member Jaymee.

Jaymee began her swing dance journey with Penn State University’s Swing Dance Club in 2001. Eighteen years later, she’s still in love! She dances many swing styles, including Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, and West Coast Swing. While swing is her main squeeze, she’s also dabbled in other dances throughout the years including a variety of Ballroom and Latin styles. You’ll catch her wigglin’ her booty to nearly every kind of music! Jaymee loves teaching Lindy Hop and other swing styles at the Gas House Dance Hall in Catasauqua, PA and around northeastern Pennsylvania. She’s also enjoyed advising and teaching at multiple college swing dance clubs, including Ohio State, Princeton, and Lehigh University. She loves watching her students smile, laugh, make connections, and grow throughout their personal dance journeys. 


Iron City Swing member Kevin.

Kevin teaches Beginner and Intermediate Swing classes on Monday night with Nicole at The Gas House Dance Hall in Catasauqua, PA.  He constantly continues his dance education and can challenge you with many different styles of dancing.  Catch a dance with Kevin and you won't be dissappointed!  


Iron City Swing member Nicole.

Nicole teaches Beginner and Intermediate Swing on a Monday night with Kevin at The Gas House Dance Hall, Catasauquq, PA.  She loves swing dancing and rockabilly music.  Nicole also handles all of our social media.

Ric and Jami

Iron City Swing members Jami and Ric.

Jami and Ric discovered swing dancing and rockabilly music about 4 years ago and they were hooked!  They are in charge of the 2nd Saturday Rockabilly night and you will see them at the door for most rockabilly events.  Ric has a passion for music and helps with the rockabilly show as well as DJing for other events.  Ric is the creator of all our awesome event posters! 


Iron City Swing member Joe.

Joe is the newest member of Iron City Swing.  He is super enthusiastic about learning all forms of dance.  He is like our member at large.